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The Post- Graduate Program in Teaching (PPGE), created in 2013, offers the Academic Master's Degree in Teaching (CMAE) and is linked to the Department of Education of the Advanced Campus of Pau dos Ferros (CAPF), of the State Universidade do Rio Grande do Norte (UERN).

The CMAE is offered by UERN, in partnership with the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN) and with the Universidade Federal Rural do  Semi-Árid (UFERSA), through a Formal Agreement for Assignment of Server , respecting and articulating the internal rules of the General Regulations of each of the partner institutions.

The PPGE serves graduates of undergraduate courses and also professionals who work at different levels and modalities of basic education and higher education (bachelors, technologists or graduates), with an interest in teaching and learning processes in basic education, especially in the areas teaching exact and natural sciences, humanities and social sciences and language teaching.

PPGE graduates must have a professional profile that enables them to understand the teaching-learning process and intervene in it, in an effective interaction and articulation with areas of knowledge and different levels and modalities of Basic Education. From the perspective of intervening in studies and educational practices, the graduate will do so mediated by new theoretical and methodological references aimed at the development of creative and innovative skills in the didactic-pedagogical process and for its application in the areas of science, humanities and languages.



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