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The Master Program in Social and Human Sciences (PPGCISH) at Rio Grande do Norte State University (UERN) seeks to offer an intellectual training and an interdisciplinary education in order to deepen and improve student’s theoretical, epistemological and methodological abilities in Social Sciences and Humanities research.

Our purpose is to stimulate a necessary knowledge building to carry out analyzes on social and cultural phenomena, through a consistent articulation between theory, research, practice, social commitment and a humanistic formation. The specificity of the professionals trained by PPGCISH is in the interdisciplinary reflection on the condition of the subjects, daily practices, the production of knowledge and the diversity of research problems expressed in the lines of investigation.

The Program also aims to train qualified researchers for academic research and teaching in different areas of Human Sciences, who will be able to develop interdisciplinary investigations on: discursive dimensions of language; the forms of enunciation of subjectivities in the contexts of production and transmission of knowledge; and everyday social experiences and practices, which include collective and individual productions marked by agency and exploration of cultural differences linked to identity processes.

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