Universidade do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte - UERN
             Postgraduate Program in Natural Sciences
                        Master of Natural Sciences


The Postgraduate Program in Natural Sciences, master level, was implemented in 2011
and aims to promote the training of professionals with competence to develop
interdisciplinary scientific-technological activities in the area of Natural Resources, with
emphasis on regional potential, aiming at sustainable use and their preservation. The
structure of the Program allows us to serve interested people from various professional
backgrounds, such as chemists, biologists, pharmacists, engineers, agronomists, environmental 
managers, veterinarians, among others, whether they are recent graduates or professionals seeking professional improvement.

Selection Process: Annual
CAPES Concept: 3
Area: Environmental Sciences

Atualizado por: Thiago Mendes Fernandes em 02/10/2019 (Setor para Contato: FANAT - Programa de Pós-Graduação )

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